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In Vivo is an action puzzle game with stealth elements about escaping from an alien UFO. You play as an alien abductee with only 30 seconds of consciousness at a time to try and escape. In between attempts you can explore your memory of the ship to plan your next escape attempt.

You have 30 seconds

Each time your character wakes up, he has 30 seconds until the effects of the alien tranquilizer knock him back unconscious. When you pass out, they drag you back to your bed and put anything you moved back where it belongs. Unless you hide it really well, that is.

Puzzle-based gameplay

Use the items at your disposal to figure out how to navigate the alien ship in your limited time awake. Items scattered about the ship interact with the various objects and other ship components. Each objective is a puzzle to solve; all of the pieces are there, you just have to figure out how they fit together.

Solve the puzzles your way

Need to get past a locked door? You could search for the key, or maybe cut the power to it and pry it open, or just break it down. Each obstacle can be overcome in a variety of ways, and there is never only one way to get to anything.

Explore your memory

In between escape attempts, you are taken into your own memory of the ship. Explore in detail what you only saw in passing while you were awake to plan your next move. Sometimes it's worth it to just run as far as you can when you are awake so you have more to work with in your memory.

Gain upgrades to expand your range

As you navigate the ship, you will come across various upgrades that give you greater mobility or help you gain a better understanding of your situation. Upgrades persist between your escape attempts, so as time goes on you will be able to get farther and farther in your 30-second window.

Discover an alien culture

Find out why you were abducted by reading over 150 alien documents scattered about the ship. Explore the reasons the aliens came to earth, why they are experimenting on you, and what they plan to do with the human race as a whole.


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